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Did you know that Garrdal can be used for repairs too?

Place Garrdal over old, broken pipe flashings for a hassle free repair without adding different color shingles.

Easily replace flashings on electrical masts, concentric pipes, and knuckled stacks in no time.
SEE FAQ/Gallery for installation.

When You Need A Retrofit

Garrdal works on numerous pitches and multiple pipe sizes.

Easily installs on irregular pipes and electrical masts in no time.

Roofers like to argue about which shingle is best, but no one can argue which retrofit pipe flashing is better. Garrdal looks better, installs faster and lasts longer.
See FAQ/Gallery for installation.

Quality and Price

When you have a product in front of you that is superior in quality and it costs the same as other retrofit pipe flashings, why would you not want to use Garrdal every opportunity?

Smart roofers up-sell Garrdal to their clients as a crisp, new construction appearance when a retrofit is needed.

See FAQ/Gallery for installation.


Every roofer should carry a Garrdal 2-part pipe flashing in their truck!

Garrdal offers the utility that you will need to tackle all the obstacles you face daily on the roof.

If your local roofing supply store does not stock Garrdal, go somewhere that does.
See FAQ/Gallery for installation.

If my local roofing store didn't stock Garrdal, I would go to a different one.

Garrdal has saved me so many headaches and so much time

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